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  1. Open a new google slide and rename as "First Name Last Name Why College CYA." (CYA = Choose Your Adventure.) You could use Prezi for this.

  2. Now you will start your narrative by writing a paragraph of a freshman in high school confronting choices on his/her schedule. You will write it in second person point of view.

  3. When you are done with the paragraph, add two hyperlinks to the bottom of the slide. One will lead to a dead end job or unhappy life, while the other hyperlink will lead to college and the good life.

  4. Continue the paragraphs in this way. When explaining why the decision was a positive or negative one, BE SURE TO USE FACTS! CHARTS FROM THE RESOURCE PAGE AND THAT YOU FOUND IN YOU GOOGLE SEARCH OR YOUR INFORMATION ORGANIZER! You must use at least six facts from your information organizer, and two of them must be charts or graphs.

  5. Now, after using items from your information organizer, you must cite your internet source.

  6. Create a way for students who have chosen a hyperlink that leads them down the wrong path to get back onto the right path towards college. In other words, don't just lead bad decisions to a single slide that says, "Sorry! You lose and are stuck with a low-paying, miserable job!" Only after several bad decisions should someone end up at this end slide.

  7. For the final "reward" slide, don't stop at the student just getting her college diploma! Make sure you show the positive effects of a college diploma that you read about. This means several slides with only one hyperlink at the bottom that leads to further positive effects.