ETEP Portfolio



Self-Directed Portfolio: Due August 31, 2015 (Kristen)

  • Choose 5 Areas of Focus from the ETEP Year One Training Topics that can be tied to the Common Core and can demonstrate measurable data in the form of:
    • a teacher or student-made artifact, and
    • a brief reflection of the lesson or student participation.
    • Be sure to include what went well and what you would do differently next time.

Helpful links

mathematicsvisionproject Mathguide lessons Cooperative Learning Strategies Ways to use Twitter in the classroom Bloom's Taxonomy SMART Exchange

SAMR Model Explained Video The Five Es of Constructivism Google maps Kahoots

1- ETEP 1 Information Literacy and Digital Citizenship

Chromebook use agreement:

Digital Citizenship Activity

Digital Citizenship website Common Sense Media

2- ETEP 1 Integration and Application of Instructional Design

Cooperative Learning Activity

Web 2.0 Tool Activity My Costs for Attending College-Google Form

3- ETEP 1 Project-Based and Student-Centered Instruction

SAMR activity- WUE College One-Pagers Student example 1 Student example 2

Learning Preference Survey

Add a Little Constructivism Activity

4- ETEP 1 Standards & Understanding in a Digital Classroom

Multimedia Project Rubric

Indirect Measure Storyboard

Indirect Measure Project via Blendspace

5- ETEP 1 Tools for Thinking

Video Assignment Template

History of Calculus via Google Maps

Reflection of ETEP 1