Before moving on to the next page, make sure you understand each step

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  1. Open up the organizer “Why College? Information". Rename it with your name, partner name Why College? Information, Share this with your partner.

  2. Go to the Resource page of this webquest. Please read at least six of the articles provided in this collection there.

  3. As you read, copy and paste any words, pictures, or graphs to your organizer that you think you could use to answer the main questions in the Task area. Be sure you keep the page you found the information on, too, so you can cite the page later!

  4. Now go to the Google browser. Do a search on the two questions posed in the Task. Again, copy and paste any information, pictures, charts, graphs, links or addresses you find that are important to those two questions. (What are the advantages of a college degree, and two, what are the disadvantages of not getting a college degree.)

  5. Now find at least five pictures that might add to the interest of the presentation. Save these in the information google slides you have created. You will need at least five pictures in your narrative presentation.

  6. You should now find some material on the type of classes students need in high school so that they can get into college at some of the schools in Utah. Use this table to collect what you find and share with your partner.