1. You and your partner need to decide who will be the Researcher and who will be the Creator. The other two jobs should be shared between you.

2. The Researcher. In this role, you will search the internet for information on the benefits of going to college and the disadvantages of not going. Like a good researcher, you will share all the good websites you find with your fellow Researchers in the classroom.

3. The creator. In this role, you will create a story in Google slides about a student who is making academic decisions that will affect his or her life.

What classes should I take? Should I go to that party or not? Should I take the ACT again? Should my senior year be easy or should I take some AP classes? Should I apply to college? Should I choose a junior college or 4-year university to apply to? If I get accepted by more than one school, which one should I pick? Finally, you will need to explore how the decision the students makes affects their life.

4. The Player. Each of you will have an opportunity to play in the stories created by your classmates. You will take notes and perhaps gain something to add to your own story.

5. The creator. Together, you and your partner will now edit you narrative with ideas you may have found while playing in the other stories you read.